Fellow pro-gun Ohioans,
This Veteran's Day observance is special, fully 100 years since the end of World War I (then known as The Great War).  Please thank a veteran for their service.
While we are all very glad that the election season is over that does NOT mean we all get to go back to sleep.  Indeed, we must KEEP WATCH on our new governor.  You may recall that unlike some gun groups in Ohio we at OFCC did not endorse Mike DeWine.  A recent interview shows that we were right to be cautious:
From that article:
"On Thursday Governor John Kasich renewed his call for red flag legislation to take guns away from people who pose a threat to themselves or other people. So far the state legislature has refused to vote on it. DeWine said he would consider signing a bill like that into law."
This most recent tragedy in Thousand Oaks, California demonstrates that so-called "Red Flag Laws" simply DO NOT WORK!  California has a "Red Flag Law" and they even sent a "mental health crisis intervention team" to assist the suspect some time before his rampage.  None of that mattered.  Furthermore, as is so often the case, the victims were in a place where they could not legally carry their own firearms.  Notice that the silly sign didn't stop the madman on his murder spree.
We have had quite enough of Gov. Kasich undermining our rights.  If Mike DeWine wishes to follow John Kasich down this same path he will find Ohioans for Concealed Carry standing athwart it yelling, "STOP!"  We have the watch.
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