In the 129th General Assembly gun owners rocked.  Ohio’s governor wanted a bill to do away with “hidden compartments” in vehicles.  This would have had the chilling effect of outlawing any closed container that was added to or attached to a vehicle.  Gone would be any modified or add on container that gun owners used to carry their firearm.  Senate Bill 304 had to be stopped – or modified, and it was.

Gun owners were outraged.  OFCC led the charge against this.  The bottom line of this is that the state was bombarded so much that one of the governor’s henchmen yelled at me across the rotunda to “call off your dogs”.  We got the exception for CHL holders written into the bill.  

So what’s the point of this?  The point is that we’ve done it before, and with your help we can do it again 

Recently Substitute House Bill 228, a bill that had removal of the duty to retreat as a key point, had numerous hearings.  One of those hearings was at 7 PM.  The meetings, especially the one at 7, were crammed with red shirt Moms Demand action and other opponents of the bill.  Their voices were loud, their voices were long.  I can count on no more than two hands the number of pro-gun people who testified for this bill.  I can count by the dozens the number of people who testified in opposition.  So, what happened?  The removal of the duty to retreat was yanked from the bill.  

We’ve GOT to get it together.  Years ago, we flooded the hearing rooms with pro-gun activists.  We’ve got to do it again.  These legislators sit up and take notice of attendees.  Many people work, we realize that.  Oftentimes there are friends, wives, girlfriends who can attend in your place.  OFCC notifies people on our email list of upcoming activities at the statehouse, asking people to take action.  Write your legislator when needed, call them, do both.  Do it when it’s not needed too, just to stay in touch and make your views known.  Visit your Senator and Representative and voice your concerns and wants.  If you can’t get there, get someone to go in your place.  To find your legislators, go here:

We’ve done it before, we can do it again.  We’ve GOT to do it again.

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